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September 2015

Harnessing the Refrigerator Monster

Oh my God. That’s about all I can say,really. I can’t speak for others’food buying habits,but even when I’ve been on a diet,my habits have seemed to been,“the best laid plans ….”(that never seemed to pan out somehow)  Haven’t you ever gone to the store,list in hand,with all these fabulous gourmet feasts from Food Network fresh in your mind (oh,Ina Garten would be SO proud!) ,and you take your booty home,safely ensconced in your vegetable keeper…. where it remains a week later.

That’s pretty much been my M.O.  The road to diet h*** seems to have been paved with a lot of good intentions but that’s been about it. And so the refrigerator monster must be tamed. Out goes the squishy grapefruit.  Not knowing where my cantaloupe came from,those go too.  And then there is the California outpost of Antarctica,otherwise known as my freezer. So much freezer burn –except on my ice cream of course. No grass grows under the ice cream’s feet,of course. Everything else –out.    The new paradigm:buy only what you can cook that day or 2 days out. Nothing beyond that.

Unless it’s one of those Weight Watchers frozen bars. Yum.

This may call for a “before and after”photo but right now I only have the energy for a “before”photo. The green square thing is guacamole. Too bad that has to go. The squirt whipped cream is staying,it’s fat free and has no trans fat.

My First Weight Watchers Experience

I have to admit,getting my butt to my first Weight Watchers meeting was difficult,even with the $1,000,000 contest as an incentive. Because I’ve worked from home on and off for several years,I,as the saying goes,“don’t get out much,”but I told myself,I really DID need to make an effort to get out more,because the social contact would be a big help in the weight loss effort.

I signed up online,and while the meeting was yesterday @ 9:30 AM (with registration @ 9:00),I did my pre-registration online anticipating a huge throng because of the aforementioned $1,000,000 contest.

There was no throng. I was flabbergasted.  Thousands of zero-to-maybe-to-colossally talented people wait in parking lots,then audition,then torture themselves for months on American Idol to maybe win the grand prize yet here we have …. 4 women at this 1 meeting? Ok.  I understand this was held at a time when a lot of people are working,but I was surprised. It was,I was later told,a new meeting venue,which could have accounted for the low turnout.

Despite the low turnout,I found it enjoyable and I definitely plan to make use of the e-tools though like the American Idol contestants,I will be faced with one torture,and it won’t necessarily be the diet itself –it will be having to write everything down.  Our group leader,Liz,said that writing everything down keeps you accountable and does cause you to eat less and it seems to be true. I hope the trend continues!

What “Bearable Lightness”is All About

While I’ve started Bearable Lightness as my own journey chronicling my personal weight loss,what I hope to do is have a forum here for women (specifically over 40) to join in and feel like they what they have here is a support group were we can discuss our own weight issues,what led to our own weight problems,relationship issues,  coping in today’s economy,everyday living,sharing recipes,a good laugh –anything that strikes your fancy.  I’d like no stone to be left unturned.

Now a little bit about me.  Some of you may know me,some may not. I’ve been in the web development business for 13 years.  Prior to that I’ve held progressively responsible positions in advertising and marketing. I try to keep on top of what’s current,though at my age (56) I’m beginning to see my own generation of women becoming marginalized. Let’s face it girls,there’s only so much that AARP,More Magazine and iVillage discuss that’s relevant to us. First of all,unless you’re in the sub-group of us that’s over 50,you haven’t reached AARP age yet,and many think AARP is more revelant to the more “settled”(as in,retired and married) demographic.  More Magazine? I’ll be your subscriber forever,but your focus,sadly,isn’t online. iVillage…I think I should just stop there. It’s simply not relevant to us over 40′s at all.  In the last week I’ve asked women if they can think of 1 single site that focuses on mature women and topics relevant to them. Not one could think of a single URL.  I find that very sad. The generation of Oprah has been marginalized,in effect? Truly breathtaking.

So while our (yes our,not just mine) site is under development,we welcome you to join our discussion,to comment,to add discussion topics (you’ll have to be added as an editor first),and we’ll be on our way.

And as we begin our journey let me be the first to extend a thank you to Dr Oz who helped me lose my first 40 lbs in 2007,before I was derailed by gall bladder surgery. I’m back on course again (thanks to Weight Watchers).  This time no derailment,I promise.

While the name “Bearable Lightness”may be a fond twist on “Unbearable Lightness,”we profess no connection to Milan Kundera nor his fine novel.  Our name was moreso inspirted by the thoughts expressed by the leader at my first Weight Watchers meeting,where she asked the group to do a meditation where we could see,in our mind’s eye,ourselves becoming “lighter,”and therefore,feeling,“lighter.”

We hope that as our journey progresses over time,we’ll all feel just a bit lighter.